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I think that we should also thank Jerry for providing much of the
materials used gratis. As much as we like to point out his faults,
he stepped up to the pump on this project. Without his help, this
project wouldn't have been possible. Thanks Jerry.
- Mark Simpson 2003

Jerry, I must admit, it is very generous of you to provide the
materials for this test. I'll have to soften my replies to you in
the future...no matter how hard it is to do so. ;-) Thanks Jerry.
- Mark Simpson 2003

It's not about work, its about our hobby. You have sent more material
for testing than everyone else combined. Reading RMR, I find that a
few people don't really agree with your opinions. (I stay out of all
the mud flinging) I have experienced nothing but generosity. Thanks
for your contributions Jerry.
- Drake "Doc" Damerau 2003
HPR Strength of Materials Site:
http://home.sprynet.com/~monel/rmr.htm http://www.rocketmaterials.org

I am in full agreement with Drake here. Jerry definitely deserves our
thanks for supplying all of the parts that he has. Without his very
generous contribution, the efforts would not have gone nearly as far
as they have, I am sure.
- Rick Dickinson 2003

Recent materials testing has proven USR materials and construction methods
to be exceptionally strong and USR kits are the lightest LMR and HPR kits
on the planet.
- Jerry

Some people are simply so used to thick, dense, heavy rockets they are
upset when they get light, strong (now proven by scientific testing!),
and low cost HIGH PERFORMANCE rockets.
- Jerry

Jerry has been very consistent in all the posts I have read. Being somewhat
new to rocketry (only three years) I can't really comment on what really
happened back several years ago with what started this mess and I don't want
to open that can of worms. However, by the way I have seen organizations act
about the legislative push that John has going, I must say that there is way
more truth to the rumors that not. Jerry, in some cases in right on the nose
with his arguments. This certainly put more and more credibility to the rest
of his statements.
- Mike Bennett

In the last year you have:
1) Helped with the material database
2) Answered hundreds of rocketry questions
3) Provided web space for key documents for use in the letters and lawsuit
4) Provided good guidance on responding to the BATFE
5) Given strategy for the lawsuit
6) Helped with the letter campaigns
7) encouraged the community
8) Made it clear that you have great motor technology
9) Kept all of your promises made online
10) done a bunch of other stuff that I have skipped...
A believer in Jerry's ability to make great engines.
- Doug Houseman

Jerry reminds me a lot of Howard Cosell, some people watched him cuz
they respected his opinion, some cuz they respected his ideals, some cuz
they hated his guts and others hoping he would trip on his
tounge........but everyone watched him.....IMO Howard, in retrospect,
was one of the most committed people ever in the spotlight to his
ideals, and he stuck to them (look at all the phonies in the world
today--fake hair, fake face, fake butt, fake stomach, fake
boobs).........he was real and for that I respected him (OK it was a bad
hair piece he had-but he made sure you knew it was bad) , I didn't
always agree, but I had a great deal of respect for him..........Jerry
and Howard are both to be revered, and respected, but also taken to task
to be sure their ideals hold up..........to just cast them off without
really listening to the message would be a travesty. But the mob
mentality of Americans makes that very difficult. Read the book by
Buford called 'Among the Thugs', it really describes a lot of the way
American's create American opinion. And it's sad.
- Chuck Rudy

On the contrary, I think that most of us have been behaving ourselves on RMR
lately. You get the occasional flame war, but the is to be expected here.
Besides, Jerry Irvine makes for interesting reading!!
- J.A. Michel

I concur. Jerry HAS contributed quite a bit to the game. THANKS JERRY.
- Hatfield & McCoy

My goodness. You're welcome (humble look on face).
- Jerry

Hand them a printout of key portions of
And much of:
- Jerry 2003

Jerry, contrary to some beliefs, you ARE the MAN when it comes to lending
a hand with ready data... thanks.
- Pat G 2003

I see Jerry as someone who has a great variety of rocketry related
experiences & knowledge. One thing I like is that he has a different
perspective on the way a lot of things that make the organization. I
think he's realistic enough to know that the BATFE isn't going away
tomorrow & for now we have to play by their rules.
- Phil Stein 2003

When I first started reading/Posting on this forum I had known Jerry was
banned from ROL. So I came in thinking he was a bad guy. After observing the
man I think he is an alright guy who is always willing to share his server
space, or lend a hand to a fellow rocketeer. C'mon TRA, certify some Jerry
motors, and all of you on here should see Jerry as a helpful guy, and not a
no good person who hasn't a thing good to say. Now Jim (FA Man) McLaughlin,
thats a TOTALLY different story.
- Stephen Corban 2003

I have a few unsolicited thoughts... Maybe at one time Jerry messed up and
pissed off some folks. SO WHAT! Let's move on...
He has produced some awesome motors in the past and I for one would like to
see them available to everyone. As a consumer I want motors that are
powerful and safe. Before the powers-that-be got involved, Jerry's motors
were all of that--and would probably be today if given a chance.
Get over the politics already! Variety IS the spice of life!
- Kevin Cornelius 2003

The way I found out about TRA was back in January, 1992. I spotted an
issue of the TRIPOLITAN in the hobby store, where I saw it's cover
with this huge rocket (owned by Dawn Barber, I believe). That issue
highlighted rocket photography, with a great full page photo from Doug
Gerrard, and had an article by you about a launch at Lucerne Dry Lake,
with rockets going over 10,000 ft. Needless to say, after clustering
"D" engines, and a few valiant efforts with FSI F100's (you just had
to love em'), I was hooked, line and sinker.
Thanks, Jerry...your article helped get me into it.
- Jeff Barnes 2003

People call Jerry a troll, but he's about the only one who actually gave
an on-topic, technical answer (which probably _wouldn't_ turn the reader
into a Darwin award candidate...) instead of this silly religious argument.
- Dave W 2003

Please don't bash "vendors" or individuals for sponsoring Descon!
Although Jerry's opinions and rant can sometimes fall into question, He
gets a thumbs-up from me for helping promote the contest. Thanks Jerry
for the offer. Hats off to you. I've managed to place in several Descons.
The last one I choose and RECIEVED a USR Kit. I got the kit faster than
previous prizes! Thanks to all the other vendors that have helped in the
past. When I see rocket ads for your wares, I do remember your names on
the sponsor lists.
- Dan B 2003

What he said. The Harry Potter rocket in my EMRR caption contest entry is
a USR Banshee from a previous Descon. It's quite a nice kit!
- Peter Clay 2003

In your concept, though, a bunch of people descend on a property, set
out their launch pads in front of their party tents, and launch rockets as
god willed us to do. (Coors still rocks in JerryLand, he was always
intrigued by the little buttons on the cans).
- Quilly Mammoth 2003

Not an entirely unfair characterization. I wonder why my launches had
attendance measured in thousands?
- Jerry 2003

When I was stationed at Ft. Irwin a bunch of us went to several launches.
This was the mid 80's. There appeared to be several hundred actual
launchers. There was an equal number who, like us, came to play in the
desert. Drink beer and watch rockets go whoosh. Maybe _close_ to one
- Quilly Mammoth 2003

I have always wondered if a bunch of Dead Heads wandered upon one of your
launches and thus was born "Burning Man" :))
- anon 2003

Darn clone events!
- Jerry 2003

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