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U.S. Rockets TARC 3 Model Rocket Parts Assortment

Parts for two rockets for single stage and single motor designs
with dual deployment similar to these from another assortment.

U.S. Rockets TARC 3 Model Rocket Parts Assortment is a collection of parts that makes a wide variety of designs simple. It includes the capability of single stage 29mm or 24mm.

U.S. Rockets parts are different from Estes in that they are slightly thicker and considerably stronger, and the mating parts are plywood. Our parts have been speed rated to H640 power. The assortment includes all the airframe parts needed for a dual deployment or single deployment configuration. The generous whitewall 2.175" ID and 2.25" OD tubes are internally compatible with Estes BT-70 tubing! You can mix and match U.S. Rockets and Estes parts assortments for wider engineering lattitude.

Our parts assortment includes motor mount and airframe tubes to support rockets in diameters of 2.25". Motor mount options include 24mm or 29mm. That's C-H power! A technical report on Integrated Tube-tm shroud construction is included to show how it is done so you can make any arbitrary shroud diameters or lengths for ANY other tubes.

TARC 3 Parts List

2 BT-22-18 2.175x2.25" tube
2 BT-22-9 2.175x2.25 tube
2 BT-22-5 2.175x2.25 tube
2 TC-22-2 coupler
2 TC-22-4 coupler
4 PP-22-C plywood plate
2 PP-22 plywood plate
4 SA-1 screw eye anchor
4 SE-1 screw eye
4 SC-7 shock cord
4 SCM-1 shock cord mount
4 CR-22-11 centering rings
2 BT-11-4 motor tube
2 CT-11-9-3 centering tubes
2 BT-9-3 motor tubes
2 BT-11-1/2 thrust ring tubes
2 LL-1/4-2 launch lug
1 SM-3 visibility streamer
2 BNC-22aj nose cone
2 USR Tape discs
2 USR Decal
1 22-11-Stinger Two shroud pattern
1 AIR-4 Integrated Tube-tm shroud report
1 AIR-1 motor installation report
1 Instructions from a shrouded kit USR Rocket

Price: $79.95

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All U.S. Rockets Advanced Model Rocket series kits feature pre-cut plywood parts, heavy duty airframe tubes, strong elastic shock cord, illustrated technical report, decals, stickers, and all the high quality parts needed to successfully assemble and fly a high performance model rocket. Parachutes, launcher, motors, glue, sandpaper, sealer and paint not included.

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