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Large Sport Series 2
DREAM MACHINE 66mm 2 66mm host
66mm, 54mm, 29mm, 3x29mm in kit
38mm, 4x24mm optional
3.16" 58" 1.5 lb. 0.508 UNK 1096 119.95
TOMMY'S HAWK 2 3-29mm 2.7" 55" 1.0 lb. 0.451 UNK 1028 79.95
MARAUDER 4 4-29mm/54mm 3.16" 70/58" 2.0/1.0 lb. 0.55/0.45 UNK 1052 129.95
MONGREL 7 2 7-29mm 4.0" 68" 2.0 lb. 0.469 UNK 1049 129.95
MONGREL 2.1 2 54mm 4.0" 68" 2.0 lb 0.469 UNK 1048 129.95
MONGREL 2.6 2 66mm/38mm 4.0" 68" 2.0 lb 0.469 UNK 1205 129.95
RAPIER 2 38mm/2-24mm 4.0" 84" 2.0 lb. 0.48 UNK 1102 149.95
UPRATED MONGREL II 3 66mm/66mm 4.0" 87/68" 3.0/2.0 lb. 0.64/0.47 UNK 1017 199.95

Parachutes not included.

All Large Sport Series 2 kits feature pre-cut plywood fins, heavy duty airframe tubes, strong shock line, illustrated assembly and flight instructions, decal and all the high quality parts needed to successfully assemble and fly a high power rocket. Launcher, motors, parachutes, glue, sandpaper, sealer and paint not included. Please Note: Parachutes additional. At this advanced level the user is expected to provide his own parachutes, altimiter, and where appropriate fiberglass layer. All USR kits are dual deployment capable.

DREAM MACHINE 66mm is a very stout rocket. Extra heavy duty airframe tubes and plywood fins combine to allow extra power and thrust.

TOMMY'S HAWK was designed for three clustered 29mm endburner rocket motors! Scale-like appearance makes this bird a showpiece as well as a great flier. Pre-machined wood parts, through the wall fin attach, strong elastic shock cord, and 1/2" launch lugs.

MARAUDER is designed to fly high altitude payloads. Unique four cluster 29mm booster with low drag reducer allows maximum motor selection options. Engineered design for performance and durability. Upper 54mm "Host Mount"-tm accepts "Interchange Mounts"-tm.

MONGREL 7 is a version of the popular Mongrel rocket with up to seven 29mm rocket motors. Any combination of 1-7 motors may be used. This rocket has proven to be a staple at early high power launches nationwide due to the use of commonly available 1.125" 29mm diameter motors. Machined plywood parts assure strength.

MONGREL 2.1 has proven to be a staple at launches nationwide due to the use of commonly available motors. Designed especially for U.S. Rockets I and J range rocket motors. Try I65-8 or J125-8.

MONGREL 2.6 has proven to be a staple at launches nationwide due to the use of commonly available motors. Designed especially for 38mm rocket motors. Try H110-8, I69-8, J350-12, or go insane with 38mm K660-12. You might want to glass it. It also accepts 2.5" RATTWORKS hybrids!

RAPIER is a design inspired by Bill Barber and his need for a motor configuration test vehicle with crowd pleasing styling. Rapier is well suited to serious research due to the large payload capacity and good altitude performances. A relatively flat optimum weight matrix allows addition of payload weight with limited altitude penalty and even altitude improvements with higher power motors.

UPRATED MONGREL II is two stage advanced heavy lift payload rocket for research and display applications. Large size and heavy wall aerospace grade paper airframe tubing highlight this large rocket. 66mm host mounts (tm) in each stage accept a variety of interchange mounts (tm) including 29mm, 54mm and 3-29mm.


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