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Experimental Rocket Series 2

HI-TEST 2650
35th Anniversary Edition
4 3-29mm/3-29mm 2.7" 63" 1900g 0.84/0.73 58.9/48.2 1001 99.95
265 SUPER 2 54mm, 29mm 2.7" 60" 500g 0.45 UNK 1104 99.95
SUPER MEGA-ROC 4 66mm/66mm 4.0" 103" 2000g. 0.55e/0.44 66.8/45.0 1075 139.95
TROPOSPHERE SEEKER 4 66mm/54mm 4.0" 96" 1900g 0.65e/0.50e UNK 1076 139.95
ALL WEATHER EASY J 2 54mm, 29mm 3.16" 38" 1000g 0.35 UNK 1071 89.95
HI-TEST 3100 4 4-29mm/4-29mm 3.16" 90" 1900g 0.83/0.65 74.8/56.6 1074 109.95
GIGANTOR GOBLIN 2 98mm, 54mm 6.5" 74" 3000g 0.55e 57.23 1087 289.95

Parachutes not included.

All Experimental Rocket Series 2 kits feature pre-cut plywood fins, heavy duty airframe tubes, strong shock cord, illustrated assembly and flight instructions, decal and all the high quality parts needed to successfully assemble and fly a high power rocket. Launcher, motors, parachutes, glue, sandpaper, sealer and paint not included. Please Note: Parachutes additional.

At this advanced level the user is expected to provide his own parachutes, altimiter, and where appropriate fiberglass layer. All USR kits are dual deployment capable.

HI-TEST 2650 is a high performance sounding rocket using a cluster of three 29mm motors in each stage. Construction is simplified by wedge fin attach which self aligns and provides stronger attach points for the fins. The inspired style of this rocket kit has seen many small time clones, but never a quality replacement. Our first kit and still the industry's finest.

265 SUPER offers tremendous power handling capability while being very easy to build and fly. The large payload compartment is ready to accept your data recorder or special electronic package. Motor options with enclosed mounts include 54mm and 29mm. Optional mounts accept 38mm or 3 24mm motors.

SUPER MEGA-ROC is an upgraded two stage sport and payload rocket which offers the versatility of a 66mm "Host Mount"-tm in both stages. This allows the use of 54mm motors as well as mounts for 3 29mm or 4 24mm or 38mm. "Discontinuous Staging"-tm allows parachute recovery of the booster stage.

TROPOSPHERE SEEKER is a high performance two stage probe. Whether flown for sport or high altitude research, this fine rocket flys straight and true. Your payload(s) are returned to earth by your parachutes in both stages. A camera in the booster to record staging is strongly recommended. Booster 66mm "Host Mount"-tm and upper 54mm "Host Mount"-tm for versatility.

ALL WEATHER EASY J is a simple and reliable sport rocket which flys to altitudes only imagined a few short years ago. It is now possible for a private citizen to purchase an under $100 rocket, put a J motor in it and shoot a rocket over two miles high! AWEJ also accepts other mounts such as 29mm, 3-24mm or 38mm in the 54mm "Host Mount"-tm.

HI-TEST 3100 is a two stage four cluster 29mm rocket. This rocket was designed to fly with moderate thrust motors to take advantage of the long burn times but with the higher thrust provided by four simultaneous motors. Wedge fin attach for positive alignment and high strength, aerospace specification airframe tubing, and plywood fins are used.

GIGANTOR GOBLIN is large. The six inch diameter is big and the scale model of the old discontinued Estes kit provides many double takes at the launch site. A 98mm "Host Mount"-tm provides more versatility than you can imagine.


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