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SONIC 2700 4 54mm/29mm
2.70" 78" 1980 g. 0.79/.68 69.3/50 1030 109.95
MEGA-ROC 2 66/54/29mm 4.0" 85" 980 g. 0.55 63.60 1016 109.95
4.0" 85" 1100 g. 0.453/.322 NA 1103 149.95
SENTRA SRB 4 66/29/3x29mm/
4.0" 88" 1350 g. 0.7/.45 68.3/71.1 1063 199.95
SWARM JUNIOR 3 12x24mm 4.0" 68" 1000 g. 0.55 49.6 1065 99.95
SONIC 3100 2 54mm/29mm 3.16" 58" 800 g. 0.50 45.3 1072 99.95
SONIC 3100 PHASE 2 4 54mm/29mm
3.16" 72" 1000 g. 0.60/.50 54.4/45.3 1073 129.95

Parachutes not included.

All U. S. Rockets EXPERIMENTAL ROCKET SERIES kits feature pre-cut plywood fins, heavy duty aerospace specification airframe tubes, illustrated assembly instructions, flight instructions and decal. Launcher, parachute, motors, glue, sandpaper, sealer and paint not included.

SONIC 2700 is the high performance sounding rocket in the 2.7" diameter. Offering a 54mm h "Host Mount"-tm in both stages, Sonic 2700 is a real pleasure to build and fly. It uses "Discontinuous Staging"-tm to permit parachute recovery of both stages. Includes 29mm conversion mount. Prime is H120-8 to H80-12.

MEGA-ROC is our popular sport and payload research vehicle. 66mm (2.6") "Host Mount"-tm, through the wall fin attach and many other valuable features combine to make Mega-Roc our customer's first choice. Many motor combinations are possible. Model rocket flights with G60-4 or 3 F20-4. HPR flights with H120-8, I65-8, J125-8. Includes 29mm, 3-29mm, 54mm conversion mounts.

COLOSSUS STINGER TWO a larger version of our popular Stinger Two. This efficient design has an "Integrated Tube"-tm drag reduction shroud on the booster stage. Both stages can recover by parachute and have 54mm host mounts for good motor versatility. "Interchange Mounts"-tm for 29mm motors included.

SENTRA SRB is a side-staged pod release rocket. It offers dramatic in-flight action in conjunction with the high performance of the main central rocket. The "Interchange Mount"-tm in the main body offers many motor options. Much like the Space Shuttle, SENTRA SRB releases the pods in mid-powered flight upon booster motor burnout. This is why very short to zero delay motors are used in the side pods. Long burn central motors are best for good post boost performance. Includes 29mm, 3-29mm, 4-24mm "Interchange Mounts"-tm.

SWARM JUNIOR is a 12 cluster 24mm motor rocket. Swarm Junior can be flown with as few as 3 motors in the central mounts. Motors may be added symmetrically two at a time until up to 12 motors are used. Simple simultaneous or more complex air-start clustering may be used. Very simple assembly. Build in one day.

SONIC 3100 is a beefy rocket. Extra high strength components throughout facilitate flights over Mach 2 despite the large size and helps to withstand hard landings. The 54mm "Host Mount"-tm accepts motors I to K as well as "Interchange Mounts"-tm for 29mm, 38mm or 3-24mm. Thick plywood fins and rings and triple strength aerospace specification tubing.

SONIC 3100 PHASE 2 offers all the features of its single stage brother with the addition of a booster stage also with a 54mm "Host Mount"-tm. Parachute recovery of both stages is accomplished by the use of "Discontinuous Staging"-tm which is exclusive to U.S. Rockets. Stable design, through the wall fin attach and performance engineering.

Testimonials and Product usage
U.S. Rockets 3 Inch Rockets

Glad to see you intend to bring these [same diameter as] ACE kits back. I saw a few in person at LDRS-8 with some of the guys there as well as some of the first USR kits that I had ever seen in the wild. At that time I think USR was about the only mfg to offer 3" kits, with the exception of the LOC Laser Loc 3.1 and that was a custom kit and expensive with the custom cone and tail cone. 3" kits like the Sonic 3100 were being flown regularly and unless you bought the LOC heavy walled motor tubing like in the 3.1 and turned your own nose cone or went with Frank with PML who had tubes only you were out of luck. I remembered that because my first scratchbuilt was 3" for 54mm J100 and J125's and you just didn't see many 3" rocket "kits" offered back then.

Steve Naquin


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