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Basic Model Rocket Series 3

MINIROC 1.2 1 29mm/24mm 1.22" 21" 40 g 0.361 na 1139 19.95
TOMAHAWK 1.2 1 29mm/24mm 1.22" 21" 40 g 0.380 na 1140 21.95
ARCON 1.2 1 29mm/24mm 1.22" 21" 40 g 0.400 na 1141 21.95
HI-TEST 1680 2 3x18mm 1.68" 23" 120 g 0.45 na 1142 29.95
LONG TALL SALLY 2 29mm/24mm 1.22" 37" 80 g 0.55 na 1144 24.95
SNIPER 2 29mm/24mm 1.22" 25" 60 g 0.45 na 1143 19.95
SUPERSONIC 1 24mm/18mm 1.0" 15" 30 g 0.38 na 1145 18.95
Newer Kits
MINIROC 2C 2 18mm/18mm 1.0" 18" 43 g 0.653/0.361 na 1024c 19.95
DUAL 18mm REAR EJECT 2 2 x 18mm 1.0" 27" 80 g 0.55e na 1267 24.95
TANDEM GOODNESS 2 18mm/18mm 1.0" 32" 140 g 0.65/0.45e na 1266 29.95
HAMMERHEAD 1 24mm 1.22" 26.5" 80 g 0.50e na 1260 27.95
HAMMMERHEAD SOUNDER 1 24mm 1.22" 25.5" 80 g 0.50e na 1261 27.95
START 38mm 1 38/29/24mm 2.25" 24" 137 g 0.327 15.34 1027a 39.95

All Basic Model Rocket Series 3 rocket kits are simple but very high performance model rockets designed specifically for both common black powder motors such as the D12 and the revolutionary D-G class composite propellant motors offered by U.S. Rockets. Complete compatibility with all standard motor sizes allow these rockets to be flown with any available rocket motors. Construction is simple and the tools required are available in hardware and hobby stores. Alphatic resin type wood glue or epoxy may be used for bonding the parts together. Fine 320 grit and medium 120 grit sandpaper are used to shape the fin airfoil and to sand the sealer prior to painting. Enamel paint is used for easy and quality finishing. Each kit comes with custom decals. You may fly these rockets from common launch systems and pads. U.S. Rockets recommends the use of heavy duty launch pads and rods when flying with F and G type motors. As with all U.S. Rockets kits, any length motor may be used due to the use of an ingenious method of motor installation. A masking tape thrust ring is wrapped on the nozzle end of the motor and once in place, the motor is held in place by a band of tape over the thrust ring and motor mount tube end. Fly big, fly high, fly fast, but above all, fly safely. Launcher, motors, glue, sandpaper, sealer and paint not included. Many USR kits are dual deployment capable.

MINIROC 1.2 is a high performance single stage model rocket which is both very easy to build and fun to fly. It can withstand speeds in excess of Mach 1 and will travel to altitudes of between 1000 to over 6000 feet and recover by colorful streamer. Plywood fins.

TOMAHAWK 1.2 this scale model of the D-Region Tomahawk is true to form both in shape and "scale altitude performance". As with other BMR3 rocket kits, Tomahawk 1.2 flys over Mach 1 and 4000 feet with your choice of D to G class motors. Streamer recovery and balsa fins.

ARCON 1.2 is a scale model of the actual sounding rocket. Extra stable design with simple assembly provide an enjoyable building and flying experience. Assemble in less than three hours and fly it many times. Streamer recovery and balsa fins.

HI-TEST 1680 offers amazing three cluster propulsion using common 18mm A to C motors. Also uses composite D and E motors for extra high performance flights. Assembles using wedge fin attach for positive alignment. 16 inch parachute recovery. Plywood fins.

LONG TALL SALLY offers a combination of large size, high performance and fine style. The reducer section uses our exclusive "Integrated Tube-tm" technique which adds dynamic stability and reduces frontal drag while offering good looks as well. 16 inch parachute recovery and strong aerospace grade tubing highlight this great rocketship.

SNIPER offers some of the features of LTS such as our exclusive "Integrated Tube-tm" technique for high dynamic stability and low frontal drag as well as plywood fins, aerospace grade airframe tubing and diverse motor capability from B to G. SNIPER also offers greater strength for those supersonic flights to altitudes of 1000 to 5000 feet and more! Streamer recovery.

SUPERSONIC offers the ultimate in performance. If you "feel the need for speed" grab SUPERSONIC and race to the pad for flights up to Mach 2 and 6000 feet or more! With the same high quality materials as the other BMR3 kits Supersonic is a real value leader. Plywood fins and streamer recovery.



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