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MINIROC 2 2 24mm/24mm 1.0" 18" 37 g. 0.653/.361 13.91/11.7 1024 19.95
START 1 24mm 2.25" 24" 137 g. 0.327 15.34 1027 29.95
ALL WEATHER 1 24mm 2.25" 26" 137 g. 0.385 16.71 1013 29.95
AERO-ROC 2 29mm/24mm 2.25" 35" 240 g. 0.42 23.94 1003 35.95
BANSHEE 2 29mm/24mm 2.25" 42" 240 g. 0.485 28.03 1059 35.95
AERO-ROC 3 3 3x24mm 2.25" 44" 290 g. 0.47 31.1 1005 37.95
INTERROC 2 3x24mm
2.25" 44" 259 g. 0.515 32.24 1012 39.95
Newer Kits
CHRISTMAS ROCKET 1 29mm/24mm 2.25" 26" 240 g 0.42 na 1182 35.95
MINIROC 2C 2 18mm/18mm 1.0" 18" 43 g 0.653/0.361 13.91/11.7 1185 19.95
MINIROC 2P 2 24mm/24mm 1.0" 23" 58 g 0.68/0.38 1183 24.95
START 38mm 1 38mm 2.25" 24" 137 g 0.327 15.34" 1201 39.95

All U.S. Rockets Basic Model Rocket series kits feature pre-cut plywood fins, heavy duty airframe tubes, strong fireproof attach line, illustrated assembly and flight instructions, decal and all the high quality parts needed to successfully assemble and fly a high performance model rocket. Launcher, motors, glue, sandpaper, sealer and paint not included.

MINIROC 2 is a high performance two stage sport and competition model. It features very high performance design, easy construction and high visibility streamer recovery. It is an excellent choice for altitude, payload, eggloft and flexwing glider competition events. The booster tumbles to earth slowly. Modeling clay weight must be added to the nose for stability with some higher power motors. Try E12-0, E12-8.

START is a simple high power capable rocket. It features streamer recovery and flights from 500' to 5000'. Start is easy to build and fly and is designed to be an introduction to high power model rocketry. Begin by flying with D12-4 motors then progress to higher power motors such as the U.S. Rockets E25-8 or F25-8. Also try 29mm E10-8, F20-8, G30-8, H60-8. Go HPR with H160-12.

ALL WEATHER is a tumble recovery sport rocket with optional streamer recovery for low wind conditions. By virtue of its wind cheating design All Weather can be flown in higher than normal winds, in adverse weather conditions, rain and snow! Tumble recovery allows near launcher recoveries and the use of even the highest power motors in relatively small fields. Try D12-4, E25-8, F25-8, G35-8. Also try 29mm E40-8, F80-12, G120-12, H240-12. Go HPR extreme with H640-12

AERO-ROC is the basic high power capable sport model of choice for advanced rocketeers. It features parachute recovery and giant payload section for Astrocam 110 camera(s) or other payloads. The main motor mount accepts 29mm (1.125") motors and the kit includes a conversion mount for 24mm (0.94") motors. Try 24mm D12-4, E25-4, F25-8, G35-8 or 29mm F20-8, F40-8, G30-8, G60-8. Go HPR with H60-8, H120-8, H80-12

BANSHEE is a simple high power sport model. Featuring through the wall fin attach for positive alignment and high landing strength, streamer recovery and sounding rocket styling. Banshee has a giant payload compartment and flys straight and true. Even the highest power motors are for Banshee. Whether you are flying for fun or for competition, Banshee is your 'standard' vehicle of choice. Try F80-8,G60-8 and G35-8 for fast and high flights. Go HPR with H60-8, H120-8, H80-12, H160-12

AERO-ROC 3 is a basic high power cluster model. Includes a FREE report on clustering and staging, parachute recovery and giant payload compartment. The three cluster 24mm (0.94") motor mount allows flights with three simultaneously ignited motors. Good examples are D12-8, E25-8 and F25-8. For best results, use a 12 volt launch system and a 1/4" diameter launch rod. Prior advanced model rocket experience is recommended.

INTERROC is the world's most versatile model rocket. Includes interchangable motor mounts to allow several motor combinations to be prepared in advance for quick change at the launch site! Interroc is the first high power model rocket with this unique and handy feature. The main mount or airframe tube is called the 'host mount'. Different motor mount assemblies slide in and are held in place using the same system as the motors themselves. The kit includes mounts for 3 24mm motors and single 29mm motors. Try 3 D12-7, 3 E12-8, 3 E25-8, 3 F25-8 or single F20-8, G30-8, G60-8. Go HPR with 29mm H80-12 or 54mm I65-8.


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