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STUB 6 2 66mm/2x29mm 6.5" 50" 3.0 lb. 0.392 UNK 1080 279.95
SWARM 3 75mm/12x29mm 6.5" 62" 4.0 lb. 0.45 44.95 1086 279.95
TERMINATOR 2 98mm 6.5" 72" 4.0 lb. 0.48 UNK 1081 279.95
ARCON 2 98mm 6.5" 120" 5.0 lb. 0.55 UNK 1082 319.95
STARFIRE 4 98mm/98mm 6.5" 144" 8.0 lb 0.65/0.55 108.5/99 1083 439.95
CCCV- 6 2 98mm 6.5" 192" 10.0 lb. 0.65 UNK 1084 439.95
INFINITY 4 98mm/98mm 6.5" 192" 12.0 lb. 0.65/0.55 UNK 1088 499.95
SENTRA SRB 6 5 98mm/2x66mm 6.5" 120" 20.0 lb. 0.70/0.43 UNK 1128 839.95

All Six Inch Series kits feature pre-cut plywood fins, heavy duty airframe tubes, strong shock cord, illustrated assembly and flight instructions, decal and all the high quality parts needed to successfully assemble and fly a high power rocket. Launcher, motors, parachutes, glue, sandpaper, sealer and paint not included. Parachutes not included.

Please Note: Paint schemes for illustrations on this page are the artist's rendition and are done for graphic presentation purposes only. Actual color schemes should be left to the personal tastes of the builder. At this advanced level the user is expected to provide his own parachutes, altimeter, and where appropriate fiberglass layer. All USR kits are dual deployment capable.

STUB 6 was the shortest rocket we could make with our giant 24 inch long 6 inch diameter nose cone. As with most six inch series kits the stock motor mount is our very versatile 66mm host with two 29mm outer mounts. This allows single or cluster motor combinations to be used and accepts 54mm, 29mm and 3x29mm mounts.

SWARM has a unique 76mm host mount which allows single motor flights when wanted. But the real wonder of Swarm is the additional 12 29mm outer mounts which increase the maximum number of 29mm motors to 16 per flight!

TERMINATOR is a very large but simple rocket which flys with low power motor combos like 3 G60-4 or higher power I140-8 or J125-8. Altitudes of 1000-3000 feet are common.

ARCON is a scale replica of the actual sounding rocket. The large stable design makes Arcon an excellect for large payload or sport flights. Try an on-board camera in the large payload compartment. Fly with 3 H120-8, J250-8, or K250-8.

STARFIRE is the only large size two stage rocket available in the world. With the 98mm "Host Mounts-tm" in both stages and the appropriate L1000 booster and M1000 upper stage motor and your advanced payload aboard it can go over 4 miles!

CCCV-6 is Colossus Control Configured Vehicle six inch. This rocket is too big to even try to describe. It is twice as tall as you are and despite that flys to unbelievable altitudes. When you are ready for a giant and the resulting attention at the launch site, get CCCV-6.

INFINITY is a two stage rocket for 98mm rocket motors. Although it accepts a wide variety of "Interchange Mounts-tm" including 75mm, 54mm, 3x38mm, 7x29mm and can be flown on considerably less power, Infinity is the rocket of choice for maximim power payload applications.

SENTRA SRB 6 is a side-staged in-flight pod release rocket. It offers dramatic in-flight action in conjunction with the high performance of the main central rocket. The interchange mount in the main body offers many motor options. Much like the Space Shuttle, SENTRA SRB 6 releases the pods in mid-powered flight upon booster motor burnout. This is why very short delay motors are used in the side pods. Long burn central motors are best for good post boost performance. Includes 98mm, 54mm, and can accept 75mm, 3x38mm, 7x29mm interchange mount options.

FNC-60-9e 1.5:1 eliptical cone for Mosquito and Big Bertha

FNC-60-6h 1:1 hemispherical cone for Fatso and Satellite 62SL



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